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About Me!

Hey guys! I'm Shawndreca, the owner and creator of Shades by Dreca, a luxurious, vintage, classy, and glamorous sunglasses brand. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and if you know me, you know that I never go anywhere without my sunglasses. The bigger and darker the shades, the better, as they give me the look I love.
Starting my own business was a challenge, but I left my job to become an entrepreneur and pursue my passion. Naming my brand "Shades By Dreca" was an obvious choice, and each pair of shades has its own unique name inspired by family and friends with different personalities.
The "Skies Unlimited" collection is a limited edition of sunglasses that will be available to first-come, first-serve customers. It was named after my friend Yanika Graham, aka "Skie," who once told me, “The only failure is never to have tried”. This collection is a tribute to her and our friendship.
The "Colorful Pastries" collection was named after my mother, Fredreca Worthy, who is the reason why I am here today. She always encouraged me to express myself freely and colorfully, and she said, “Your life is a canvas... make sure you paint yourself a lot of colorful ways." Each name of the shade in this collection represents the growth and knowledge she taught me.
As you search through my shades, you'll find that I also sell accessories for maintenance. I want to thank my Worthy, Mack, and Robinson families, my Buffalo to Atlanta friends and family, and my fiance for their support. I love you all! Smooches!



How do I place an order?

Add to Cart. To add an item to your cart, select on the product page. Review Shopping Cart. Proceed to Checkout. Account Login. Enter a Billing Address. Enter a Shipping Address. Payment Information. Select Delivery & Gift Options.


Payment Options

PAYPAL-Create a PayPal account and securely link your bank, credit, and debit card details. When you check out Shades by Dreca sites, just look for the PayPal button to use PayPal as your online payment solution. Log into PayPal and speed through checkout securely with just an email and password.

SQUARE- To pay a Square Invoice, begin by clicking Pay Invoice in the invoice notification message. Fill in all required info: name on card, card number, expiration month and year, and security code (CVV).

CASH APP-To send a payment: Open the Cash App. Enter the amount. Tap Pay. Enter an email address, phone number, or $Shawndrecarobinson. Enter what the payment is for. Tap Pay.

AFTER PAY- Is a buy now, pay later lender (similar to Klarna or Affirm) that divides your total purchase amount into four biweekly payments.



If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us at:



Lens Cleaner

Shades by Dreca lens cleaner lifts and removes tough dirt, debris and even oily fingerprints to restore optical clarity. Shades by Dreca Lens Cleaner reduces visible soil to leaving no haze, streaks or residue behind. It also has a pleasant smell and it's toxic-free. This lens cleaner won't damage or delaminate lenses. Simply spray lenses with the solution whipe with cloth for 10 seconds and let dry for an easy-to-achieve, long-lasting clean.




-Do not use your shirt to wipe your lenses.


-Protect your frames and lenses from chemicals such as hair spray, cologne, alcohol, bleach or household cleaners.


-Simply spray lenses with the solution, whipe with Shades by Dreca cloth allow 10 seconds to dry for an easy-to-achieve, long-lasting clean.


-Protect your glasses from heat. Do not leave your glasses exposed in your hot car for extended periods of time. Heat may damage your glasses so remember to keep your glasses in your Shades By Dreca carrying case in a cool and safe place.


-Wipe your sunglasses, eyeglasses and camera lens dry with your Shades By Dreca cleaning cloth and spray.


-Hand wash and air dry Shades By Dreca cleaning cloths frequently to assure maximum performance. No fabric softener is necessary.

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