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  • Alexis

    These Alexis shades are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe! Their light brown lenses are designed to provide you with a comfortable, yet stylish look. They feature sturdy, well-crafted frames that are designed to last for seasons to come.  your eyes safe. With the Alexis shades, you can enjoy the summer sun in total comfort and style


      Shades By Dreca "LENS CLEANER"

      Shades by Dreca lens cleaner lift and removes tough dirt, debris, and even oily fingerprints to restore optical clarity. Shades by Dreca Lens Cleaner reduce visible soil to leaving no haze, streaks, or residue behind. It also has a pleasant smell and it's toxic-free. This lens cleaner won't damage or delaminate lenses. 

      Shades by Dreca lens cleaner is a must-have item for any sunglasses owner. It is specifically designed to clean and protect your lenses, leaving them shiny and clean. Simply spray the cleaner onto a clean cloth and wipe your lenses for a streak-free, crystal-clear view. With Shades by Dreca lens cleaner, your sunglasses will look like new

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